Monday, July 5, 2010

Many Who Have Little, Still Give More

When I have some spare time, I go to my email inbox and read through the emails I place in a folder. Today I read an email that brought me to a wonderful person who truly knows how to be kind.

This person is not rich, in fact he rates as a very poor person in terms of financial wealth. But this person is rich in spirit and gives to others who are far more financially able than he is himself.

Read the story here and think on it. Perhaps you may be able to find a little to give to those who have less.

If a beggar can find a way to help others, well off people should be able to do the same. I will find ways to give more to others, whether financially or in other ways. I hope others can find ways to do the same.

The Daily Good website has many stories such as this one. I recommend others sign up to receive heartening stories such as this one. I will show you that there is much good in the world.

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