Friday, October 15, 2010

Be Kind and You Will Be Rewarded.

I try to do kind things every day. Sometimes it may be a kind smile to a friend, sometimes it may be something bigger. It always makes me feel better about myself and about the world in general.

Yesterday I needed help to do something and my needs were met. I was driving home from shopping and I needed some more petrol in my tank. The shopping had made me tired, and I wasn't sure if I would have enough strength in my right hand to activate the nozzle.

I got out of the car, hooked the nozzle up to my car's petrol tank, and got a trickle of fuel before my strength gave way. Just as I thought. I knew I would be able to full my tank a trickle a go, but it would completely take my strength away, and I was still a fair way from where I was going next.

I looked around for help and a van pulled up next to my car. I walked over to the person getting out of the van and smiled. I then explained what my problem was and asked it they would be able to help me.

The fellow said he was glad to help and came over and filled the tank for me much more quickly than I would have been able to. We chatted as the tank filled and he told me about a time when he did something nice for someone. That weekend he had a win of $1000 in X-Lotto!

This was amazing proof of the idea that Kindness is Rewarded. Sometimes the reward may only be the good feeling you get about yourself, but sometimes the reward can be much more!

I'm not saying necessarily that the kindness that man showed to another actually made the X-Lotto win occur, but it certainly made that man value the rewards of being kind even more. I thanked this man most profusely and wished him all the luck he deserved!

So this is a message to that man, whose name is Roger. Thank you so much Roger for being kind to someone in need!

It is also a message to everyone - Be Kind and You Will Be Rewarded!