Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making Connections, Being Kind

I realised this morning that I have been neglecting my blogs. It’s always the same - I start out keen and promise to post regularly, then life and/or laziness get in the way. And of course I have to confess I may have a slight addiction problem.

There, I’ve admitted to the problem my husband and son have told me I have for years. I spend/waste far too much time online. I am addicted to Facebook!

But I realise as well that being on Facebook is a cost effective and easy way to connect with my friends. Some of these friends I see regularly in real life, some occasionally. Some of my Facebook friends are people I will probably never meet for real.

But talking to these people, or commenting on their pages, is a way to connect. When you are trying to deal with a new illness, as I am, those connections are very important.

Connections, friendships are what give us hope, new ideas, answers, and new questions. Connections online can give you a new community to join. Having a community of people who you care about and who care about you can be an important thing in life.

I am grateful to all of the people who are my friends. They have given me love and support while I was confused, not knowing what was wrong with me. They kept me going while I was waiting for my diagnosis. They cheered with me once I finally had a title for my mystery illness. Many of my friends realised the importance of having a tag, a name for my disease.

Now that I know I have Multiple sclerosis, I know more about what I can expect with my health. I also have a treatment to help with the symptoms, and to slow down the illness’s progression.

So this blog post is to say thank you to all of my wonderful friends who have helped me in many different ways. Thank you all for your kindness!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Save the World with Kindness!

I want to do something positive in my life and I need all the help I can get! It won't cost you anything, and it will help to make you happier.

Interested? Then read on...

The world is a sad and angry place for so many people. We have people starving to death, and other people dying from obesity related diseases. We have conflicts in the of God and we have people spreading hatred against against people who don't believe in their God.

Angry people doing damage with road rage, Christian against non-Christian, Muslim against non-Muslim. It's time to stop!

You might say there's nothing you can do, but you're wrong! It's like the acorn story - a tiny acorn seed can grow into a mighty tree. All it needs is water and sun.

You can do your tiny acts of kindness and inspire others to do the same, and slowly, bit by bit, the world might begin to become more kind. Tell your children, your local politician, tell everybody!

All it takes is a kindly smile, a word of encouragement, a small donation. If we all work at being kind to people instead of being angry indifferent or dismissive, the kindness can grow and follow on from our kind actions.

That is my challenge to everybody, Let's make Kindness go Viral and Take Over the Whole World!