Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stop & Let the Sunshine In

When life kicks you down, and you go on again and again travelling the same dark and dirty roads, you'll never heal. Step out into life's sunshine, and let the sun shine its healing light down on you.

Healing takes time, and if you go on and on doing the wrong thing, stupid things, things that have hurt you in the past, you won't have time to heal. When you take the time to rest, be mindful - look at what's wrong in your life, then you may have time to heal from the pain you're suffering from.

So look around you, see who's doing well, and what it is they're doing. Can you change what you're doing in life, and take on some of what they're doing? Find the things that bring true happiness to your life. Flowers, puppies, kittens, friends, good food. 

Whatever it is, try to get more of it. Don't concern yourself with other people, concern yourself with yourself. When you learn to care about yourself, in truly caring ways, ways that bring good things to your heart and soul, then you can beging the healing process.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Science can be Sooooo Cruel!


I found this article talking about the creatures who gave their lives in scientific experiments that didn't offer much of use to science, online recently. In a properly designed and funded experiment, the lives of animals may be worthwhile, but the article talks of experiments that are poorly designed and run in a number of ways.

These animals of course were probably bred for the purpose of assisting in scientific experiments, but that doesn't mean their lives can just be wasted on useless experimentation. The article focuses on the UK, but I expect the truth is that it's a worldwide thing, with rats, mice and other creatures dying for little good.

Just because scientific experimentation was why they were brought into the world doesn't mean having them die in this useless way is OK. The whole idea of the ways humans use and abuse animals is a fraught one. On the one hand, humans are the ones who undertake to bring these creatures into existence for the purpose of assisting them with their work.

On the other hand though, all creatures have some rights, don't they? Some lobby groups would say they most certainly do, others may be more equivocal about the issue. Other groups might say, they're only critters, who cares?

I have to confess I'm in the equivocal group. I believe that animals can play a useful part in scientific experimentation, and the endeavour is one that whould continue, for the betterment of mankind. But if these small lives are wasted, with no useful result for mankind, I am dead-set against it. Is this too namby-pamby? Should I rise up against this?

I am against animal cruelty, but I live with four dogs, and I have been involved in the breeding of dogs for pets and for showing in the past. Some animal rights groups (PETA in particulare) are against the keeping of animals as companions, and they feel they should be set free. I completely oppose this idea. I do my best to give my dogs a good life, with food, shelter and love. If I set my dogs free, Idon't think they would be happier in the long run than they are now, living with us.

I don't know all of the answers, but I hope that by writing this article, I may get others thinking further on the issue ...  I welcome the thoughts of others on these issues.