Saturday, November 2, 2013

Being Kind to this lonely little blog ...

I've been neglecting this blog shamefully. It's done nothing wrong, it doesn't deserve to be neglected like this. I wrote a comment on a friend's Facebook page a little while ago. I like the comment, and it's had some interesting response from others.

After I read my comment again, I thought, hmm, where could I further expand on this thought? And the answer that came to me, was, to write about it on this blog. It's totally relevant to the blog, being about kindness...

So this was my comment:

'Always be kind to yourself, at least as kind as you are to those you love.'

I truly believe this to be true. I always give myself the benefit of the doubt. I deserve that, just as I believe other people deserve it too. I try to consider my actions though, to decide whether I actually deserve the kindness I've given to myself. I'm not perfect, no human being is. Sometimes I'm lazy, selfish, thoughtless and so on. But on considering the reasons why I fail to achieve perfection, I can find answers to help me next time...

With the blogging thing, neglecting this blog, which probably could be a much more widely used blog, I know the reasons for the neglect, to some extent. I got hooked on blogging and went overboard with it, first one blog, then two and now suddenly I have hmm, I'm not really sure how many, perhaps twelve...

I go to some of them more often. The ones relevant to possible money making things, get the most attention, as is a good idea, I feel. This blog here though, a blog about being kind, well surely that should get more attention. There is a terrible deficit of kindness in the world. People feel bad, they lash out at others, and kindness is completely forgotten ...

I remember the kindness issue though. In my comments online, I try to be kind. In my dealings with others in 'the real world' I try to be kind. I know other people appreciate my kindness, because they tell me so. I hope I am spreading a network of kindness. 

Do you know someone who could do with some kindness? Let them know you care, tell them and show them in your actions that you care. You will both benefit from it. If the someone who needs the kindness, well, what a great start it would be, to do something nice to yourself. Think of something you'd like to do, see, hear, and do it - plant something, taste something, see something, and enjoy being kind to yourself!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Thinking about Life

Hugs and love and beautiful words bring life to life! Do you believe those words? I believe them, deeply in my mind and in that place inside where good things grow and become lovely.
I’m a poet, and I love to share my words. I use my words to find some clarity in my life, and the lives I see all around me. Using words well requires thinking, thinking that goes further than the obvious, delves deeper than shallow first thoughts, that can be easily spewed up without any reflection.
This thinking more deeply and creating art, whether it’s in words, or images, or shapes, adds to the lives of any and all who come to see, hear or read the thoughts or the representation of those thoughts. If you live your life shallowly, accepting without thought all you’re told, you will miss out on so much beauty.
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the eye of a thoughtful beholder, one who considers the wonders of Nature and sees miracles in the mundane, will see the beauty in so much more. As the untutored child sees a bird and dreams of flight, so the thoughtful thinker sees life and dreams of higher levels of life. They don’t desire more electrical goods, or cars, in life, they desire more love and compassion, more books and beauty.
I strive to be one of those thoughtful thinkers. My words come from my thoughts, and from my dreams. They come from my hopes of my future and my hopes for the world. This is my life, and I want my life to live, to truly Live!