Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts about Good and Bad People

This is a strange period of time. Christmas approaches with all of the fun and stress that comes with that. And the Westernised part of the world thinks about the horror of what happened in the Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary School.

It's easy to cast the killer as an evil person, and consider it a thing that could not have been averted. This was a young man though, who had family, and a life. Something went wrong, and I wonder if this whole thing, and his attitudes to life and death could have been turned around if someone could have heard his voice.

Listening is a such a simple thing to do, properly listening to someone who needs to talk. If this man had been able to tell his story, and been properly heard, what may have changed?

There are bad people, there are good people. This man that killed these school children and adults at that school did a terrible thing. He is not evil, even though the act was evil. There were also good people on that awful day.

I wish there had been a good person to have listened to this young man, before he felt he had to do something to get the attention he craved. There was no-one there, not when they were needed. Are there enough good people in our world? Are you a good person?

How can you tell the difference between good people and bad people? Good people do good things and don't expect anything back when they do them. Bad people only do good things when they get something back from it.

I try to live my life as a good person. I hope you do too, can you honestly call yourself a good person?