Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stop & Let the Sunshine In

When life kicks you down, and you go on again and again travelling the same dark and dirty roads, you'll never heal. Step out into life's sunshine, and let the sun shine its healing light down on you.

Healing takes time, and if you go on and on doing the wrong thing, stupid things, things that have hurt you in the past, you won't have time to heal. When you take the time to rest, be mindful - look at what's wrong in your life, then you may have time to heal from the pain you're suffering from.

So look around you, see who's doing well, and what it is they're doing. Can you change what you're doing in life, and take on some of what they're doing? Find the things that bring true happiness to your life. Flowers, puppies, kittens, friends, good food. 

Whatever it is, try to get more of it. Don't concern yourself with other people, concern yourself with yourself. When you learn to care about yourself, in truly caring ways, ways that bring good things to your heart and soul, then you can beging the healing process.

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